Network Meeting in Hamburg (Germany) on 24 November 2014

IAPM Senior Official Udo Schmidt hosted the fourth and final IAPM Network Meeting in the Metropolitan Area of Hamburg this year on 24 November 2014. It was attended by IAPM certificate holders and their guests. As always, the event was open to everyone in northern Germany who is interested in project management and publicised by the regional organisations of the PMI, GPM and DGQ.

The host was BeOne-Hamburg GmbH in Hamburg-Harburg. After a few words of welcome to participants, the event on the theme of "Lost in Translation" kicked off with a brief explanation of the IAPM and its current international project management portfolio.

BeOne-Hamburg GmbH, the host, then presented some of its international projects, making it very clear that the country where a project is implemented has its own specific culture and that this culture strongly influences both the project and the project teams.

Keynote speaker Harald Steinmüller, Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM), talked about Asian cultural aspects affecting projects in his presentation on the subject of “Lost in Translation - Project Manager in Asia”. Harald Steinmüller has been a project manager in Europe since 1998. A few years after that he became involved in international projects, mainly in South-East Asia. Since 2010, when he set up as freelance consultant, he has been passing on his international project management experience to clients. In a combination of diary entries, anecdotes and experience reports, Harald Steinmüller both amazed and amused his audience on many occasions. Afterwards, participants had the opportunity to share their own experiences in Asia, followed by a panel debate on the extent to which experiences gained in Asia can be transferred to other countries and projects.

After a language guessing quiz, everyone received a fortune cookie from BeOne-Hamburg GmbH and moved on to the networking part of the event with Asian snacks. They all took advantage of the opportunity to chat to the other participants in this informal setting, get to know each other better and meet new people. An overview of project management events scheduled in northern Germany during 2015 organised by the PMI, GPM, DGQ and IAPM was on display. It is a good example of how project management fans in northern Germany profit from the excellent collaboration between different organisations.

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