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A unique selling proposition of the IAPM International Association of Project Managers is that it recognizes certificates from other project management organisations and thus enables certified persons to obtain a lifelong IAPM certificate without an examination. Even if the certificate has already expired, it can be submitted to the IAPM for certificate recognition, as the IAPM rejects the need for re-certification.
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The process for this is quite simple. If you already hold a certificate from another project management organisation, you simply submit it to us, we check your certificate and get back to you. If we do recognize your certificate, then we will inform you of your options and the associated costs - if your certificate cannot be recognized, then we will also inform you of this.

Why you do not need to take an exam

In case you are holder of a project management certificate, then you have already taken an exam as part of the certification process. We only recognize certificates that have concluded with an examination - therefore, recognition of certificates of participation or similar is not possible at all. We check the contents of the respective certification and if these contents correspond with our contents in their outlines, then there is nothing to prevent the certificate from being recognized. The reason why you no longer have to take an exam with us is very simple: you have already proven your knowledge with the other certification organisation, which is also shown by your certificate - therefore an exam with us is no longer necessary.

Recognition of course certificates

You have attended a project management course as part of apprenticeship or further education and have completed this course not only with an examination but also with a certificate? Then it may also be possible for you to have this certificate recognized by us. If the examination contents correspond to our contents, the certificate can simply be recognized as an IAPM certificate. For example, we enable many graduates of Chamber of Industry and Commerce project management courses to easily acquire an IAPM certificate.

From the Chamber of Commerce and Industry course to the IAPM certificate

In cooperation with our partners, e.g. the Feldkirchen-Westerham Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Munich/Upper Bavaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we offer graduates of their project management courses the opportunity to have their CCI certificate recognized by the IAPM. In this way, the theoretical content is taught by the CCI and internationally certified by an IAPM certificate. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry cover the contents that would also be examined in an IAPM certification, and the courses of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry conclude with a written examination. However, it is not only graduates of these partner chambers who benefit from the IAPM certificate recognition. Even if you hold a certificate from another Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this can be recognized by the IAPM after successful verification. In this way, certified persons from Chambers of Commerce and Industry from northern, western and southern Germany have been able to successfully submit their certificates to the IAPM for recognition. In such cases, however, a case-by-case assessment is necessary and it can take longer to complete the process, as the contents as well as the form of examination have to be assessed in detail. In order to grant graduates a faster process, CCIs can become partners of the IAPM and have the contents checked by the IAPM in advance, so that certified persons only have to submit their certificate and can continue with the process of certificate recognition more quickly.
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The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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