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This blog post was written by #FORTSCHRITT Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Brugger and #FORTSCHRITT Consultant Carsten Gellert to present you the offer “PMonDEMAND“.
The logo of PMonDEMAND. Puzzle pieces can be seen in the background. [1]
Compliance-oriented, flexible, with little capital tied up and at the same time with high price transparency and quality - this is how project management results are procured via online shop.

Rigid organisational structures as well as inflexible and costly procurement processes are the biggest hurdles of modern project management, said experts surveyed by #FORTSCHRITT in their 2021 study "Project Management of the Future".

According to the study, almost 70 % of all respondents are dissatisfied with the procurement process and its outcome. Procurement and specialist departments get bogged down in lengthy, inflexible and bureaucratic struggles. The path from needs identification to service delivery is unnecessarily protracted. More than half of the respondents would therefore like to have more flexible project management offers for the quick and direct assignment of required types of results.

In addition, the desire for more flexible deployment of specialised staff at lower capital commitment has increased, especially due to the the pandemic. Location-independent working, distributed teams and a greater focus on work-life balance make project management tasks more difficult than before. Often, a fixed (sub-)project manager is assigned to an entire (sub-)project. This project manager then carries out all the tasks that arise, from the initial kick-off to resource management and controlling to stakeholder management, etc. This project manager is a bottleneck. Issues such as illness, absence for personal reasons, etc. are rarely considered. Furthermore, only one person can achieve all these tasks to a certain level of quality. Small mistakes can cascade into big waves. Rarely are specialists called in to handle particular artefacts. These typical "one-fits-all" solutions, in which one project manager performs all activities over a certain period of time (e.g. financial controlling reports, risk analyses, sprint reviews) are more difficult to implement than targeted assignments by selected specialists. A superior project manager cannot and should not be replaced, of course, but the trend is moving from generalists to specialists, as the study on "Project Management of the Future" also showed.

#FORTSCHRITT has years of experience with diverse, sometimes complex, procurement processes in large projects and has constantly explored new ways of procurement in project management. A further thought-provoking impulse was provided by the study conducted in 2021 on the "Project Management of the Future". Thus PMonDemand was born.

With, #FORTSCHRITT wants to move away from person-related commissioning over time and duration to commissioning a result at a specific point in time and thus transform procurement in project management.

Zig Ziglar already said: "Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity". 

PMonDEMAND wants to support success by meeting preparation with necessity - for a joint success.

Individual project realisations can be requested with just a few clicks. The repertoire includes artefacts from all project phases, such as: 
  • kick-off workshops, 
  • initial environment & risk analyses, 
  • financial & work package tracking, 
  • change management,
  • quality management,
  • project plan,
  • project tracking, 
  • lessons learned and project evaluation,
  • documentation.

Furthermore, in addition to the specific result types/artefacts, short-term project support such as holiday or sickness cover can also be requested and commissioned at the desired time in order to achieve specific milestones. It is possible to order entire service packages, such as the overall risk management, or only individual result types of this service package. In the case of risk management, these include the kick-off workshop, the one-time, initial preparation of a risk analysis, which can be further maintained, the implementation of the risk management process in the project or programme, and the assumption of the activities of a risk manager for the regular updating of the risk analysis, including the assessment of risks and the definition of measures. 

A special service is the short-term and immediate assistance in case of urgent problems that endanger the progress of the project. For this purpose, there is the fast and intensive "fire brigade operation", in which experienced project managers make contact with the client directly after the request and, if necessary, support the project/programme overnight with all available resources. A short questionnaire is used to record the nature of the urgent need in order to select the right resource for a target-oriented assignment. This partner then immediately reports to the specified contact person.

If the selection of artefacts does not include the right one or you do not know exactly what you really need, there is also always the option of contacting the PMonDEMAND team directly and arranging an initial consultation appointment.

In addition to typical project management tasks, the shop also offers services for organisational and business model development. Do you need a workshop on "Design Thinking", a business model sparring session or a set of slides on quality management based on internal templates? That is also part of the repertoire.

After selecting the artefact or service, a request is sent. This is where the PMonDEMAND shop by #FORTSCHRITT differs from other online shops. No direct purchase is made, but the first step after checking the enquiry is a non-binding consultation and a concrete offer based on the selected services / artefacts. In this conversation, the potential team and the customer get to know each other for the first time in order to create a common basis for the cooperation. In addition, the exact framework conditions of the project can be defined in this conversation, should these not yet be fully defined at the time of the enquiry.

All services in the shop can also always be set up as framework agreements and can thus be booked directly by our customers. This makes the process even more effective and efficient, as all services, SLAs and quality and price levels are coordinated and agreed accordingly.

The needs of the clients for simple, compliance- and regulatory-safe use are the focus of the shop.

Our support is based on the expertise of #FORTSCHRITT. The experts offer their knowledge in a customised, targeted manner and tailored to the requirements of the respective project. The #FORTSCHRITT team is as versatile as the PMonDEMAND shop. Project management is the core business of #FORTSCHRITT and the team has extensive experience from medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups in various industries. In addition, business development and organisational development experts are available. Every artefact in the shop can be covered by the many years of expertise of the #FORTSCHRITT staff.

Analogous to the changes in the daily project business and the changes in project management due to new working worlds, PMonDEMAND also does not want to stand still. On the one hand, the PMonDEMAND team is always in the process of improving the shop and the products it contains; on the other hand, the employees of #FORTSCHRITT are also always challenged with current topics and are regularly trained. The further development of the offers also includes a transparent evaluation system for the results achieved. We deal openly with positive as well as negative feedback in order to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

With these new ideas for the procurement and implementation of projects as well as open transparency, PMonDEMAND is positioning itself in the market. To break with old habits and revolutionise processes, it takes exactly this kind of courage. Or as André Gide already said: “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”


As a results-oriented sparring partner with a think-tank methodology, #FORTSCHRITT accompanies innovative organisations in mastering communication and transformation tasks to realise visions and capitalise on ideas. The successful consulting methodology of #FORTSCHRITT focuses on the challenges and potentials of its clients. A needs-oriented product portfolio offers future-oriented organisational development, customised business model innovations and contemporary project management. Networking events and a community of excellence also connect supra-regional know-how with young, regional companies.
FORTSCHRITT GmbH was founded in 2016 by Achim Matthias Teichert and Daniel Patrick Brugger and has offices in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Iserlohn (South Westphalia).
Author: Daniel Brugger is Co-Founder and CEO of the think-tank consultancy #FORTSCHRITT. He is the initiator and host of HINTERHOF TALKS, co-founder of Geschä and the innovation hub WELTENRAUM in Iserlohn, and also has seats on various start-up advisory boards. He is an expert in business models, digital transformation and corporate strategies. In this context, his focus is on the successful implementation of business models and the digitalisation of processes as well as the digital transformation of organisations. Daniel Brugger holds degrees from BiTS Iserlohn, NUS Singapore and ESCE Paris.
Author: Carsten Gellert is a consultant at the think tank consultancy #FORTSCHRITT. As a computer scientist, he has several years of experience in the development and implementation of software applications in the telematics environment as well as the administration of small IT systems. After his studies, he worked in IT project management in the media and agency environment as well as in consulting companies. In addition to project management, as a certified IT baseline protection expert, he also has several years of experience in investigating IT security at state offices and ministries. For #FORTSCHRITT, he works in the areas of IT security and IT project management.

[1] Source: The images were kindly provided by #FORTSCHRITT and are subject to copyright.
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