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IAPM Essentials March 22, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Emotional Intelligence for Scrum Masters, Team Leads and Project Managers - #3
Intelligence describes the ability to grasp abstract correlations and to derive targeted courses of action for an individual or a group on the basis of the knowledge gained. The assumption that there is only one type of intelligence has been largely disproved in the meantime - because alongside classical cognitive intelligence (also known to many people as IQ or intelligence quotient) there are various sub-types, such as logical-mathematical or musical intelligence. There is also emotional intelligence, which allows someone to understand and use intrapersonal and interpersonal connections. This ability is particularly relevant for people who generally have leadership responsibilities or who have a lot of human interactions. In addition to understanding others, emotional intelligence helps us make thoughtful decisions in stressful situations rather than reacting irrationally to external stimuli. If you want to learn more about emotional intelligence, we highly recommend this article!
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How To Reduce Construction Inefficiencies With Project Management Software
In any project, it is important to use tangible and intangible resources efficiently. If this is not successful, it usually leads to a drop in productivity and thus inevitably to a drop in revenue. The causes of inefficiencies are similar in many companies. The following are therefore common: poor communication, insufficient planning or lack of use of technology. So, for example, pay active attention to how communication in the project is going and how often misunderstandings occur. Stakeholders from outside the field in particular need to be informed about important issues in an appropriate way. Communication is particularly important in the planning phase, because it allows mistakes in the project process to be recognized from the outset and thus to be avoided. Furthermore, nowadays there is a software solution for many use cases. Use them to free up your time and that of your team for more important tasks.
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What Is a Product Manager?
Many people think that the role of a product manager is the same as the role of a project manager. However, this is not the case at all. In fact, both roles are needed in a project. A product manager is involved throughout the product lifecycle, from vision to product discontinuation. He is responsible for ensuring that the right product is targeted at the right customer base, and for this he needs to know the market. He also creates a plan for the product features and works closely with all departments in an interdisciplinary team. He also communicates the vision of the product to all stakeholders. So this role is more strategic in nature. A project manager, on the other hand, is more concerned with tactical issues in this context. In short: He takes up the vision of the product manager and implements it.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

52 statistics on project management that you absolutely need to know
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Agile Software-Entwicklung: Einsatz und Methoden
(en.: Agile Software Development: Deployment and Methods)
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Agile Workflows: What It Is and How to Implement It
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Best 15 Agile Tools For Project Management In 2022
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Die Suche nach dem X
(en.: The search for the X)
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Is there any non-systemic coaching?
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Scrum Master Choices: Professionalising the ‘Teacher’ Stance
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Scrum Master vs. Product Owner: Unterschiede & Gemeinsamkeiten
(en.: Scrum Master vs. Product Owner: Differences & Similarities)
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So formulieren Sie eine überzeugende Projektcharta
(en.: How to formulate a convincing project charter)
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