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IAPM Essentials January 18, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

How To Coach Your Team to Run a Daily Scrum Meeting When You Cannot Attend
Often, the Scrum Master is at the centre of the Daily Scrum, although this meeting should actually allow the Developers to exchange ideas. For this reason, a stand-up meeting often degenerates into a status update, which affects the productivity of the team. A Scrum Master must ensure that this does not happen and should keep himself out of the conversation and only act as a moderator. It is often useful if the Developers stand in a circle and the Scrum Master himself stands outside; if the Daily Scrum Meeting is organised online, the Scrum Master can keep his camera switched off. In this way, control of the Daily Scrum is gradually handed over to the Developers and it is ensured that even if the Scrum Master is absent (e.g. due to illness or other unplanned absences) the stand-up meeting runs smoothly and productively.
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Measure what matters - beware of the Sandwich Effect!
Measuring is important, because without valid data you don't know how to proceed. Collecting objective data is often not a problem. With subjective data it can be different. Here it can happen quickly that you collect data that you don't really need, or that gives the wrong impression because it's not the right set of data. In the worst case, the wrong path is taken based on the inadequate data. A simple example: a company wants to measure customer satisfaction using a scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good). A survey participant ticks 5, meaning that he is completely satisfied and did not really expect anything else, because anything below 5 would mean for him that it was worse than he is used to. A second person ticked 3 thinking the same: it was the same as always, not worse, but not better either - still fully satisfied. The meaning of the numbers was not entirely clear. Small adjustments could make a big difference here: reducing the scale to the essentials, clearly defining numbers and asking open questions. This can make the evaluation more time-consuming, but the data obtained is then likely to be of higher quality.
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How can Product Owners benefit from Scrum to the maximum? - German language
Using Scrum in a company can bring many benefits. This article presents five ways to get the most out of Scrum. We summarise them for you. First, show the way. This means that it is important that the Product Owner has a good understanding of the customer's requirements. This way, team members know exactly what they have to do and the success of the project is not left to chance. The second thing to ensure is that an executable product is created per Sprint. This enables feedback from stakeholders and answers questions of technical feasibility. This is also where the third measure comes in: frequent releases. In this way, one does not run the risk of not meeting the current requirements of the market and secures a competitive advantage through up-to-date software. The fourth recommendation is that new findings should be included in the Product Backlog in order to waste fewer resources and create transparency. And last but not least: the Product Owner must be respected throughout the company. As a link between the stakeholders and the organisation, he has a great impact on the success of the project.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Agile Coaches, Agile Guides and Other Family Members
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Agilität wird gefordert, aber …
(en.: Agility is required, but ...)
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All You Need is INVEST? No!
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How I learned Scrum and the “Spotify Model” don’t match
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How to Develop Your Career Plan on a Kanban Board
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Mit LEGO Serious Play die Teamkommunikation verbessern
(en.: Improve team communication with LEGO Serious Play)
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Priorisieren von Anforderungen
(en.: Prioritize requirements)
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Projekte, Aufgaben und Kreativität managen
(en.: Manage projects, tasks and creativity)
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Projektmanagement: RACI-Matrix - Bauplan für erfolgreiche Projekte
(en.: Project Management: RACI Matrix - Blueprint for Successful Projects)
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Ursachen und Lösungsvorschläge: 12 häufige Projektmanagement-Fehler
(en.: Causes and Solutions: 12 Common Project Management Mistakes)
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