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IAPM Essentials October 26, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

3 Ways Organizations Use Measures Poorly
Measurement is important. However, it is equally important to understand why you are measuring data and how you are using it. Many mistakes can be made here that can lead to undesirable results. Two common mistakes are to view measurements as a guarantee of success or failure. Instead, they should be used as a guide. Otherwise, the goal may be to achieve good numbers instead of completing a successful project. This can lead to another mistake: The customer benefit gets out of focus. This is particularly difficult to measure because it can be influenced by many factors and is very difficult to control. Multiple perspectives can be very helpful here. It is important to recognize errors in dealing with measurements and to adjust processes accordingly.
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5 agile metrics you won’t hate
Measurements offer a good way to represent the state at a point, but fail to represent a period of time and are always in the past. While this may seem less problematic in traditional project management, in agile project management it provides no information about the effectiveness of the team. Important clues here are clear structures in the team: Is everyone aware of their role? Furthermore, it must be considered whether the sprint and product goals are clear. Additionally, there is the awareness of the "batch size". What size is best for the team? Another big point is the reliability of the team, or individual members, and the quality of their work. Last, but equally important, are the demands the team makes on itself. Teams that make high demands on themselves strive for improvement and are more motivated.
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These four core competencies every project manager should possess - German language
IT projects often cannot be planned from start to finish. For this reason, project managers need to possess special skills, the four most important of which are presented here. The project manager must be competent. He or she is the contact person for all problems, motivates employees and must maintain an overview of the project. In addition, he must be able to plan ahead and at the same time make sure that the plan is not too rigid so that agility doesn't get lost. An agile approach is important for the whole team, but especially for project managers. In the end, they are the ones who spread the agile mindset throughout the company. A project manager should also not lack the ability to act economically. Costs and budget are always major issues, which he must not lose sight of.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

A Scrum Flight Checklist
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Continuous Improvement Storyboards
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Die drei Säulen der Agilität: Empirie, Empowerment und Ownership
(en.: The Three Pillars of Agility: Empiricism, Empowerment and Ownership)
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Hilfe, warum sind unsere Mitarbeiter so passiv?
(en.: Help, why are our employees so passive?)
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Ignite Continuous Improvement In Your Scrum Team
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Mein Umgang mit Unterbrechungen und Ablenkungen
(en.: My approach to interruptions and distractions)
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Stacey Matrix (II)
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Stillness & Curiosity
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User Story Splitting: Wie geht das „richtig“?
(en.: User Story Splitting: How does it work "correctly"?)
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Work Improvement before Equipment Improvement
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