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IAPM Essentials September 28, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Cultural Hacking. A contribution to cultural change? - German language
Do you already know the term "cultural hacking"? If not, you should definitely read the article written by Dr Jürgen Schüppel! As you have probably heard many times before, the corporate culture is more important than the strategy applied. After all, the sentence "This is how we do things here" does not come from somewhere. Practised soft skills and cultural values influence behaviour, which in turn affects results. So if companies want to make a cultural shift away from "we've always done it this way", the invisible thought patterns need to be disrupted and made visible. Are you wondering how this is supposed to work? Then follow the link below.
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How to assess your Scrum Team - my personal tools.
As a Scrum Master, assessing a new team can present some challenges, whether it is a newly formed team or one that has been in existence for a long time. One tool that can support the Scrum Master in the assessment is the " Unofficial Scrum Checklist by Henrik Kniberg". Since this has not been updated for a long time, it should be extended or adapted with your own experience and against the background of the Scrum Guide 2020. Important to note: If everything works and everything is checked off, there is nothing to fix! In addition, it is important to consider how the team adheres to the agile principles. For example, how the team deals with changes and planning and the importance of documentation. As a final point, the team's cooperation itself should be evaluated. How teamwork, problem solving or communication with the external world is done are just some of the questions that can be assessed. As always, it is important to emphasise that experience is often more valuable than simply working through lists.
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Does extrinsic motivation destroy intrinsic motivation? - German language
Motivated employees are the be-all and end-all of any company, because motivated employees do better work and help the company to improve. But how can employees be optimally motivated? It is well known that there are two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. While intrinsic motivation is self-motivation, i.e. motivation "from the inside out", extrinsic motivation acts on the employee from the outside. Many companies rely on extrinsic motivation because it can be implemented quite easily by the company itself. However, it often happens that employees do not become more motivated at all through extrinsic motivation; some even become rather less motivated through this type of motivation, because they put themselves under enormous pressure. You can find out how to strengthen self-motivation from Maria Steinberg, who in her article presents the book "Noch so ein Arbeitstag, und ich dreh durch! Was Mitarbeiter in den Wahnsinn treibt" (en.: Another day at work like this and I'm going insane! What drives employees crazy) by Martin Wehrle.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Decision Making Patterns for Teams
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Fehlerkultur: Wie wir mit Fehlern umgehen
(en.: Error culture: How we deal with errors)
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Folge 107: Das Sprint Planning 1x1 im Jahr 2021
(en.: Episode 107: The Sprint Planning 101 in 2021)
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How Long Does It Take to Build an MVP? (Minimum Viable Product)
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Kanban: Werkzeug und Hilfsmittel auf dem Weg zur Lösung – Ein persönlicher Erfahrungsbericht
(en.: Kanban: Tool and support on the way to a solution - A personal experience report)
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Selling Problems (and Then Solutions) Instead of Philosophy
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The 6 Worst Things Product Managers Say to Engineers
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Three qualities of great product roadmaps
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Warum viele Meetings nicht asynchron durchgeführt werden können – und wie es vielleicht doch geht
(en.: Why many meetings cannot be conducted asynchronously - and how it might be possible after all)
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Why Great (Scrum) Teams Have A Mind Of Their Own
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Wie starte ich ganz konkret mit einem neuen Scrum Team?
(en.: How do I start with a new Scrum team?)
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