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IAPM Essentials July 20, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Can Scrum Work for Hard Deadlines?
Some project managers who have previously planned and realised projects with a traditional approach have reservations when it comes to using Scrum. In addition to the fear of not being able to make precise time and cost estimates, there are also concerns about dealing with and adhering to hard deadlines – although this is also quite possible in this agile framework! Although the iterations (i.e. the Sprints) are time-boxed, project managers have some room for manoeuvre in terms of both costs and deliverables – and this allows them to meet hard deadlines. To what extent the Scrum Team can succeed in this and why empiricism, the use of Lean Thinking and also incremental (product) development play a role in this, can be found out in the exciting article by Mary Iqbal.
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Quality – Why Business Leaders Should Pay Attention and Project Managers Should Communicate in a Way That Gets Them to Pay Attention
In the Project Managers' Guide (IAPM), quality is defined as "the conformity of the performance delivered to the customer’s specifications". In practice, however, the quality specification step is often skipped, accompanied by the words "just get it done!". Although it may sound very tempting not to deal with quality and the definition of quality at the beginning of a project, it is nevertheless a good idea not to neglect quality. Jason Cassidy explains the reasons for this in his article. But we don't want to deprive you of the most important reason: It is always cheaper and less stressful to avoid problems instead of solving them once they have occurred.
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Six Sigma – Business success and improvements – German language
Like the previous article, this one also deals with quality and the avoidance of defects. As a manufacturer of a product, you certainly do everything you can to ensure that your end product is defect-free, don't you? This accuracy can be achieved through the use of the Six Sigma management method. And the name of this method says it all: 6σ corresponds to an error rate of 3.4 per 1 million error possibilities. The process model is based on the following four pillars: structured approach, process orientation, customer focus and proof of the chain of effects. In this article, Dr. Rüdiger Przybilla and Dr. Stephan Back explain how exactly these four pillars can be implemented so that the process will be a success.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

10 Lessons When Moving from Waterfall to Agile
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5 Must-Have Product Owner Skills for Agile Application Development
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8 project management books that absolutely belong in your library
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Auf dem Weg zur lernenden Organisation – Die Fachimpulse zur agilen Hochschulorganisation der Universität Rostock
(en.: Towards a learning organisation - The expert impulses on agile higher education organisation at the University of Rostock)
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Communications Planning: A Quick Guide
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How To Run a Daily Scrum Meeting
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Project management software for individuals: what to look for
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Project Risk Management: A How To Guide (with tips)
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Sechs Tipps, einen Kulturwandel scheitern zu lassen!
(en.: Six tips to make a culture change fail!)
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The 5 Phases of a Construction Project
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Was ist Scrum? – Eine kompakte Einführung 
(en.: What is Scrum? - A compact introduction)
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