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IAPM Essentials March 16, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

First Two Steps to Creating Resilience
Stressful situations are challenging for everyone. Whether caused by unforeseen events or by private/ work-related problems, they hinder one's own performance and can even lead to an inability to work. Therefore, in order for a project manager to deal with stressful situations properly, a certain degree of resilience is also required. This includes, for instance, the ability to adapt to new situations and circumstances as well as a certain psychological strength. Resilience helps to survive difficult situations without remaining impaired and can also be learned or trained to a certain extent. And this is exactly the topic of Leo Babauta's article. He gives helpful tips on how you can increase your resilience and which everyday situations cause unnecessary stress. If you are now curious, then take a look at the article!
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How Can Agile Management Work for Your Research Project?
In the field of software development, agility is not a foreign word. The Agile Way of Working and methods from agile project management have been established for a long time – they increase flexibility and help to create assets based on customer needs and in incremental steps. But not only in software development agile project management can be used, and thus more and more industries benefit from these methods. Have you ever thought of complementing your next research project with agile approaches? No? Then this article might be interesting for you! In his article, Steve Williams explains how methods from the world of Scrum can be used to improve the workflow within research projects and gives advice on what to look out for if you want to apply them. Take a look at the article and get inspired!
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Lessons Learned im Projekt: Was, warum und wie es richtig geht
Ideally, at the end of each project, there is a discussion about what went well and where optimisation is needed. Such a discussion of experiences is called "lessons learned". If project participants actively gain insights from the project that has been completed, this brings the advantage that these mistakes will not be repeated in the future. The risks associated with these mistakes are thus minimised. Furthermore, the team benefits from a "lessons learned" session, as teamwork is improved as a result. But it is not only useful to gather insights at the end of a project - it can be equally beneficial if "lessons learned" workshops are conducted during the project, for example after a critical project phase has been completed. Andrea Windolph explains exactly what a "lessons learned" workshop should look like and who should participate.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Allan Kelly on Continuous Digital, #NoProjects, Minimally Viable Teams and OKRs
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Auf der Jagd nach Kennzahlen
(en.: Hunting for performance indicators)
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Controlling und Scrum
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How Can you Measure the Impact of your Scrum Masters?
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Mehrere Product Owner: eine ineffektive Art, Product-Ownership zu skalieren
(en.: Multiple product owners: an ineffective way to scale-up product ownership)
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Tut was Erfolgreiche tun, dann tappt ihr nicht in alte Fallen - Decision Making Management empowers agile People 
(en.: Do what successful people do, then you won't fall into old traps - Decision Making Management empowers agile People)
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Want a Successful Agile Project? Start with Why Before How
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When Agile isn’t Agile
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Wie bilden wir unsere Agile Coaches aus?
(en.: How do we train our Agile Coaches?)
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Wissensarbeiter in der Autonomiefalle
(en.: Intellectual workers in the autonomy trap)
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YDS: What is the Definition of Ready in Scrum?
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