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IAPM Essentials March 9, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Arbeit neu denken, wie soll das gelingen?
New Work describes how work is changing or will change in the future. But work as it was in the past is not all bad and we should thank "old work" for bringing us to where we are today. Because without "old work" many achievements, such as the division of labour or machines, would probably not have existed. But what exactly should work look like in the future? Nadja Petranovskaja has a dream: she wants hurdles and boundaries to disappear and people to work on projects together, create new things and respect each other. For her, New Work means diversity and individuality. The human being must be made the focus and it should not be reserved for anyone.
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Team Secrets – Die verborgenen Muster der Teamentwicklung
Does it make sense to make a team out of every group? Conrad Giller believes that this is neither necessary nor possible. When a team is formed, the members involved must also want to become a team - after all, they have to invest time and perseverance in team building. And all this only makes sense if they (have to) work on a common task. Both in a private and in a business context. So when people decide to become a team, they go through different team-building phases - the best-known model is probably attributed to Bruce Tuckman. But what if the team goes through the different stages and still doesn't work well together? Then you should take a look at Lencioni's "5 Dysfunctions of a Team" and look at the inner dynamics of a team.
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Not Everyone Can Be Agile
Many experts emphasise that the future of project management will be agile. Or at least partially agile by means of hybrid project management. But how can agile frameworks be integrated into organisations that are not necessarily based in the software development industry? Do large companies with hierarchical structures allow agility at all, and does it even make sense? After all, not every company is made to be agile. Basically, the more detailed the knowledge of internal processes, the better it is to decide whether agility offers extra value. This article is about just that matter. In addition to the important questions that you should ask yourself as an entrepreneur before you start to redesign the structures and processes within your organisation, Yves Doz provides a checklist as a working paper. With this, you can check in advance whether the transition to an agile way of working yields added value for your company.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Announcing the publication of Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis. A partnership between the Cynefin Centre and the EU
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Demystifying the Definition of Done in Agile
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Die Corona-Pandemie: New Work Turbo oder Strohfeuer?
(en.: The COVID-19 Pandemic: New Work Turbo or Flash in the Pan?)
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Don’t Scale Up. Scale Your Product Down!
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Es gibt kein Masterhandbuch für agiles Arbeiten
(en.: There is no master manual for agile working)
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OKR anti-pattern: reverse engineering key results to match your backlog
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Shape Up vs Scrum: 6 Months to 6 Weeks – How We Cut Our Dev Cycle 75%
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Sorgen Sie für Durchblick im agilen Rollendschungel!
(en.: Make sure you have a clear view amidst the agile role jungle!)
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What every Scrum Master should know about success.
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Wie Projekte gelingen: Die magische Formel SMART + RACI
(en.: How projects succeed: The magic formula SMART + RACI)
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Wie bringt man SILO und WOL zusammen?
(en.: How to bring SILO and WOL together?)
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