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IAPM Essentials February 16, 2021

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Maintaining Psychological Safety under Pressure
When individuals experience pressure, it can have a direct effect on the surrounding environment, both negative and positive. Leaders in particular can influence a large number of employees and project managers should be aware of this fact. In such extreme situations, when milestones are approaching or deadlines are missed, this can create an enormous state of pressure that can affect not only the person in the leadership role, but also the entire organisation. Shane Hastie describes this phenomenon in his article as “dark side” behaviour. In order to keep a clear head even in stressful situations and to minimise the effects of this behaviour on the psyche and also on the immediate work environment, Shane gives promising tips and suggestions which can be easily applied. Check out the full article if you want to learn more!
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Die zehn Prinzipien hinter dem Manifest für menschliche Führung
In addition to the stress that leaders have to deal with, the way they deal with employees is also decisive for the performance of teams and thus of the entire company. Meanwhile, the classic image of dominating leadership by exerting pressure is considered as outdated, and therefore a new understanding of this role is moving into the consciousness of leaders - the role of the “servant leader”. In other words, the work of leaders as a service to those who are lead. Since employees are not necessarily motivated to give their best by monetary incentives or by issuing instructions. It is therefore necessary to also consider guidance at equal level as an option of leadership. Through collective action and trust in the self-responsibility of co-workers, a positive corporate culture is created in the long term, in which the individual can develop, and the organisation as a whole is strengthened. You can get ideas on human leadership in the article written by Marcus Raitner, in which ten principles are introduced and explained, so why not checking it out?
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Stop escalating impediments. Support the team to solve them.
And speaking of self-responsibility, how can agile teams be encouraged to remove obstacles themselves? In his article, Matthew Hodgson gets to the bottom of this question. In addition to the role as moderator and team builder, the Scrum Master should also serve as a mediator in conflicts and problems, especially if they hinder the workflow. But there is one thing that is often disregarded: if the Scrum Master removes the team's problems for them, he also deprives the developers of the chance to tackle the obstacles themselves. Intervening or escalating impediments to a higher authority should therefore not be the means of choice, but rather the last option when an individual solution to the problem is no longer possible. It is rather inhibitory to team collaboration if it is not given a chance to find solutions on their own. But simply read for yourself how an agile team can be motivated to solve problems on its own.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

ALPEN-Methode: In 5 Etappenzielen zum effektiven Arbeitstag
(en.: ALPEN method: 5 milestones to an effective workday)
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Being Agile in a Non-Agile World
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Besser wurschteln, oder: Wie gelingt erfolgreiche Selbstorganisation im Team?
(en.: Better muddling through, or: How can successful self-organisation be achieved in a team? )
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Formalisierung als Erfolgsrezept
(en.: Formalisation as a recipe for success)
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How most companies misuse OKRs puts them on autopilot towards failure
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One Way To Reboot Your Daily Scrum
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Paralleluniversum Projektwelt
(en.: Parallel universe "project world")
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Scrum Has Hit the Glass Ceiling
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Sieben Tipps für eine bessere Streitkultur
(en.: Seven tips to improve the culture of conflict)
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Warum Shopfloor-Management kein Micro-Management sein darf und wie man das vermeidet
(en.: Why shop-floor management should not be micro-management and how to avoid it)
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When do we succeed as a team? Can we measure that?
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