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IAPM Essentials November 29, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

How to decide if a statement is part of the Definition of Done or an acceptance criterion - German language
When expectations do not match the quality of a product, customers are disappointed. This applies to many areas. There are certain quality characteristics that define the expectations of the customer or user. This is called the Definition of Done. "The Definition of Done is a formal description of the state of the increment when it meets the quality measures required for the product." - Scrum Guide In the end, the definition only describes the quality state of the final product. There is no description of the path. This path can be recorded with acceptance criteria in a Product Backlog. These criteria describe what work needs to be done so that certain conditions are accepted by customers or stakeholders. This creates the necessary transparency and satisfaction for everyone involved. Read the original article for examples.
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How do I know if Scrum Master is the right job for me? - German language
The Scrum Master promotes Scrum by creating an agile environment. The person is the focal point when the Developers have something to discuss. Therefore, he should always be positive towards people. He has to resolve conflicts, mediate between team members and be empathetic. But they don't just have to be able to mediate between team members, they also have to be able to mediate within the company. They also need to coach the team to work in a self-organised way. But they must also be able to organise themselves well. There is no Product Backlog for the Scrum Master. Since the Scrum Master works in an agile environment where there is constant change, he must be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment. But change takes time. So they have to be patient. If you want to learn more about the characteristics of a Scrum Master, read the original article.
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The False Trade-off Between Quality and Speed
The main challenge with speed and quality is that the software development team has to produce high quality software. No matter how enthusiastic the developers are, at some point the team will struggle with its speed. It can happen that the development of the features of a project is simply taking too much time. To reduce the time spent on a feature, many teams take shortcuts. The reasons for this could be that the deadline is too close, that only a few users will use it, or that they are postponing work on these issues to a later date. The team wants to be fast again, but the quality drops. This creates a cycle that leads to lower and lower quality. But the answer to this problem is to create a term that combines speed and quality and ensures that you can develop a product that has good quality but was developed quickly at the same time. This term is called Sustained Velocity and it measures the velocity of the team in its current state and in the future. If you want to delve deeper into the topic of speed and quality, we highly recommend reading this article.
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Scrum Has Failed the Developers
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Das Problem mit dem Problemdenken
(en.: The problem with problem thinking)
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The Three Phases Scrum Teams Go Through to Become Outstanding
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Are you Goal-driven or Issue-driven?
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Agile Demenz
(en.: Agile dementia)
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It’s time to reframe how we think about technical debt
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Cross-Functional Teams: A Summary of 20 Popular Studies
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Warum ich heute meinen Klienten von agiler Softwareentwicklung abrate
(en.: Why I advise my client against agile software development today)
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Backlogs, #NoBacklog(s) and comfort blankets
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Projektabbruch, ja oder nein? Wann ist dein Projekt nicht mehr zu retten?
(en.: Project cancellation, yes or no? When can your project be saved?)
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