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IAPM Essentials July 21, 2020

Agile Initiative Planning with Roadmaps
Many agile projects face challenges or fail. This could be due to the fact that even such projects are partly organised using the Waterfall Model or its hybrid counterpart, the "Water-Scrum-Fall". In this article you can read where the problems lie with these approaches and how they can be improved.
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Agile Missverständnisse: Prozesse und Planung 
In German language only: Michael May clears up a widespread misunderstanding: Agility does not mean that processes and planning are obsolete or that you can do what you want. It rather means that processes and planning are more adaptable.
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Does scrum ruin great engineers or are you doing it wrong?
In this article Medi Madelen Gwosdz deals with whether Scrum really only has a positive effect. She lists nine typical pitfalls of Scrum and explains how to get the most out of the framework.
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Erhöht Agilität die Effizienz von Banken? – Infografik  
In German language only: When you think of sectors and industries that are agile, the banking sector certainly doesn't come to mind first, does it? But financial institutions can also work agile. In his article, Dr. Hansjörg Leichsenring explains what banks have to pay attention to when implementing agility and he visualises the results using an infographic.
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Five Habits of Design Thinking
When new products are developed, Agile approaches, Lean Startup or Design Thinking are usually used. The latter is probably the most difficult thing to define. In this article you will get to know the exciting approach and get an insight into five habits of this approach.
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Führung schafft Sicherheit
In German language only: Organisations benefit when employees cooperate and work together. Paradoxically, employees often do not cooperate, but are in competition with each other. At this point, leadership is needed to overcome the zero-sum game that comes with this paradox.
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Hidden Podcast Champions 
In German language only: Podcasts are available on all sorts of topics - if you can't decide which podcast is appropriate for you, Michael Schenkel's article may help you. He gives you an overview of his favourite podcasts including interviews with the podcast owners.
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How Should Agile Teams Deal with Leaders Who Won’t Listen?
Agile teams are known to be self-organised. If top management has comments or change requests, the team can best assess how feasible these requests are. But what if top management doesn't listen and doesn't take the team's concerns seriously? Scott Dunn explains the problem and gives you tips for such situations.
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Lying To Customers
Have you ever lied to your customer? Rich Mironov is of the clear opinion that this must not happen. He gives you the reasons for this in his article and provides you with tips on how you can master delicate situations without lying.
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Mein Goldenes Dreieck des Problemlösens
In German language only: Conny Dethloff presents in his article his golden triangle of problem solving. The triangle is composed of the "what", "how" and "who". Depending on which problem is to be solved, you can know more or less about the respective characteristics.
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Product vs. Project: Balancing Management Roles for Success 
Jeffrey Keyes explains the differences between product and project management. In short, product management deals with the "what" and "why", while project management focuses on the "how" and "when". In this article, you can also read how both management approaches can be combined.
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To Estimate or Not to Estimate?
Are you a supporter of estimates or rather of NoEstimate? Ozren Colic has experience with both. He'll give you some insight into his experience.
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Wirksame Projektführung braucht keine Helden!
In German language only: Olaf Hinz vividly describes "management heroes". What is meant by this and where the problem lies with these heroes, you will learn in this article.
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Wohin geht deine Reise?
In German language only: The Hicks scale of emotions consists of two parts: The up scale and the down scale. Dr. Martin Bartonitz introduces you to these two spirals and names three questions that you should ask yourself in order to change your life - privately or professionally - for the better. 
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