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IAPM Essentials June 14, 2022

This week, these three articles were particularly inspiring:

Is Your Number of Managers Disproportioned to Your Number of Doers?
The role of project managers is undoubtedly important because, among other things, they coordinate projects and ensure that emerging stakeholder requests are taken into account. However, a project team cannot only consist of project managers. For the success of the project, it is inevitable that there are also people within the project team who deal with the implementation of what is desired. Andea Fryrear calls these people "doers". The ratio between managers and doers should be appropriate in any project: Few managers to many doers. But especially in agile-organised projects it is even more important that the managers do not come to the fore, because agile projects live from the fact that they are implemented by a team and are not "managed". If too many managers are involved in an agile team, you lose what agile stands for: joint working, joint decision-making and joint responsibility. Do you feel that there are too many managers on too few doers in your team? Find out in the original article whether this is the case.
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3 important considerations before outsourcing Agile
Have you ever thought about outsourcing your agile development practice, for example to save costs? If you consider a few points, outsourcing agile development can be successful. The linchpin of success is, as so often, communication. Whether you do agile development internally or externally, communication is always key. So make sure you provide the right tools and that all external developers participate in common agile ceremonies like the Sprint Retrospective. If the team of external developers is distributed all over the world, this can be more difficult as you have to take into account different time zones - still, don't neglect these joint events! Besides communication, there are other elements that you should not ignore: The onboarding process is one of them. You can find out what you need to consider and which other steps are important if you want to outsource agile development in the original article.
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Continuous Portfolio Management as a Contributor for Achieving Highly-Aligned, Loosely-Coupled Teams
Software companies depend on being able to deliver the software they need quickly. To do this, companies must decide what is needed, and then what is needed must be implemented. The decision on what is needed is usually made by portfolio management and ranges between two extremes: The team alone decides what is needed, or it is decided from the top down. Both sides bring disadvantages, but also advantages that cannot be dismissed (assuming ideal conditions that we will not encounter in reality), which is why portfolio management has to find a happy medium. "Team play" portfolio management seems to manage this balancing act. Want to read more about this topic? We recommend the original article!
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Further articles worth reading and podcasts worth listening, you should not miss:

Reframing tech debt
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The Great Silence
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How Agile Scrum is Transforming Sales Teams at Broadcom Software
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Projekte müssen zeitnah starten
(en.: Projects must start promptly)
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7 ways to tell if Scrum works for you
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Making Things Better (With Enabling Constraints and POPCORN)
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Open-source excursions: The poetry of planning
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The mistakes organizations make when they appoint product owners
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Using Patterns to Drive a Transformation towards Agility - Practical Insights from Large Companies
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Lead with Speed
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