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IAPM Essentials June 23, 2020

8 Different Ways to Organize Your Backlog
How do you organise your Product Backlog? Do you visualise it as a list or do you use a more creative approach? In this article Anthony Murphy gives you eight alternative suggestions on how a Product Backlog can be structured. Maybe you will find the best way for you to organise your product backlog?
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Agile Methoden auf dem Vormarsch
In German language only: The times in which agile approaches were only associated with software development are well and truly over. Nowadays, agile methods are used in many companies and thus in many industries - even human resource management comes into contact with these methods. In this article you can read how widespread agility is actually in HR.
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Agile Skalierung – Sinn oder Unsinn?
In German language only: In his 30-minute podcast, Marc Löffler explains how reasonable agile scaling is in his usual understandable and illustrative way. He explains when agile scaling should be avoided, and which prerequisites must be met for agile scaling to be implemented.
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Agile Success Story – Bank of America
Bank of America is an organisation that has been around for a long time – and yet this company also uses agile methods and Scrum. Anthony Mersino names five reasons for Bank of America's success in implementing agility.
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Agileologen versus Agilisten
In German language only: You work with agile methods, that is why you are an Agilist. Right? Thomas Michl shares his thoughts on Agilists and Agileologists with you in his article You have never heard of Agileologists, but you would like to know the background of what they are? 
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Agilität dank Rapid Application Development 
In German language only: Christoph Garms explains in his article how Rapid Application Development (RAD) influences the development and how an overview of goals can be created thereby. Among other things, he discusses the advantages of using an RAD platform.
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Can a Team Vote Someone Off the Team?
Imagine that you work in a self-organised team. Each team member has his area of responsibility and the tasks he performs. Only one team member interferes and hinders the efficient processes. Can this team member be voted off the team? Mike Cohn answers this question.
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Die größten Fehler beim Projektmanagement
In German language only: In this article many different mistakes are discussed that can have a negative impact on project management. In addition to these problems, solutions are also mentioned to correct the errors. Maybe you are familiar with some of these scenarios?
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Humor in der Führung
In German language only: Heiko Link and Bernd Geropp talked about sense of humour in leadership. In the podcast "Leadership in a nutshell" Bernd Geropp publishes eleven minutes from the original podcast, which was released by Business Lemonade.
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The 10 books that transformed my mindset as a Product Owner
Last week we have recommended an article in which nine books on the subject of "Product Owner" were presented to you. Today we have such a list for you again: David Pereira recommends ten books that have changed his mindset as a Product Owner.
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The Art of Listening - The first skill of a Scrum Master
Every good conversation involves not only talking, but also listening. This applies not only in private life, but also and above all at work. The right way of listening is therefore also a soft skill that you have to be able to provide as a project employee. Even more important is this skill in Scrum. For Steve Trapps this skill is even the most important for a Scrum Master. In his article you can learn more about the "art of listening”.
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What makes the difference between a GOOD Scrum Master and a GREAT Scrum Master?
A Scrum Master is an all-round talent, according to Barry Overveem he must have eight different stances. Among other things he has to coach, remove impediments and lead in a servant manner. A great Scrum Master must therefore be widely diversified and have some important skills.
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Why AI projects fail: 5 things to know
Every person responsible for an AI project must be aware that the particular project will only be successful if it fits into the IT system and the superordinate IT infrastructure of the respective company. If the project and the IT infrastructure do not match, the project is doomed to failure. Jackie Drees gives you a brief overview of five things you need to know about AI projects that fail.
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