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IAPM Essentials June 9, 2020

3 Things Virtual Teams Need from a Scrum Master
A Scrum Master is on the one hand responsible for the correct implementation of Scrum, on the other hand he assists the Scrum Team. However, when this team works in a distributed - i.e. virtual - way, new challenges arise. Stephanie Ockerman gives an insight.
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A Scrum Master Has No Delivery Responsibility 
The role of the Scrum Master is often only associated with coaching the team. But the Scrum Master contributes a lot to the success of the project and he has more tasks than just assisting the team. Willem-Jan Ageling clears up the traditional image of the Scrum Master in his article.
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Agile playbooks
When organisations decide to become agile, the use of an "agile playbook" can be beneficial. Robert Galen explains in his article why he never has developed his own playbook and he presents some playbooks which could be useful.
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Design Thinking in HR
In German language only: Design Thinking starts with product development one step earlier than Scrum. The first step is to consider which product the users desire. This article not only describes Design Thinking, but also deals with Employee Experience Design - Design Thinking in human resource management.
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Digitalisierung und Agilität: Gemeinsam gegen das Silodenken 
In German language only: Agility or digitalisation and silo mentality do not match. Within rigid structures and clearly defined divisions, agility and digitalisation cannot achieve what they are intended for: quick feedback loops and thus rapid intervention. Marcus Raitner describes this problem.
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Don’t mistake adoption patterns for maturity patterns
Matt Philip explains the difference between adoption patterns and maturity patterns. However, adoption patterns are often confused with maturity patterns, which can result from wrong assumptions.
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How Big Tech Was Built On Agile Principles
You associate agility with start-ups and small, flexible organisations? Then you may be surprised to hear that the "Frightful Five" also rely on agility to some extent. Steve Denning explains how the trillion-dollar companies benefit from Agile Principles.
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How We Use Metrics At The Liberators
Christiaan Verwijs describes in his article how "The Liberators" use metrics to measure success. What exactly you could measure depends on the field you are working in and how you define success.
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Knowledge Sharing – Wissen teilen ist Macht 
In German language only: Knowledge is one of the few goods that is not diminished by division. Barbara Hilgert is therefore convinced that sharing knowledge is a power. In her article she describes how you can benefit from it and how you can use the "Working Out Loud" method.
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Scrum im Überblick - so machst du dein Team produktiv
In German language only: You often hear the term Scrum, but you don't know exactly what is actually meant by it? Then this article is the right one for you: Pink University describes Scrum in its basic features. Additionally the Toyota Flow System is explained.
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The basic structure of an Agile Team
Mark Lambertz describes an agile team using a Viable System Model. The model shows the relationships between the individual roles. Essential roles include the Development Team, the Agile Coach and the Product Owner. 
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Warum crossfunktionale Teams bessere Aufwandsschätzungen machen
In German language only: The estimates of non-cross-functional teams are often unrealistic because the different teams estimate in isolation and the results are often only added up at the end. In this article you will read more reasons for wrong estimates of non-cross-functional teams and how cross-functional teams do better.
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Weshalb die Entscheidungsprozesse von früher heute versagen – und wie es besser geht
In German language only: In the past, decisions were often made by the management on its own. Nowadays, the opinion is usually held that operating decisions are better made by the team, as they are closer to the customer. Anne M. Schüller explains why some decisions should be made by the specialist himself and which methods increase the speed of decisions.
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Wie hängt Selbstorganisation und Entscheidungsfreiheit von Mitarbeitern zusammen?
In German language only: In his article, Dominic Lindner describes the principle of self-organisation and the advantages of this. If self-organisation is implemented correctly, processes become more efficient and the motivation of the team members can be increased.
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