4 compelling reasons for a corporate wiki

The consideration of implementing a corporate wiki becomes more relevant as more knowledge is created in the company. With a corporate wiki, you can make training content, information about processes, responsibilities and availability, and interdepartmental know-how available to the entire workforce, the team or individual employees. This has a number of benefits, which we will explore in this article.
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What is a corporate wiki?

A wiki is basically an online collection of content on a specific topic that can be accessed through a browser or software. In a wiki, all relevant information is stored, expanded, modified and linked together. Responsibility for the quality and structure of the content is usually taken by an administrator.
The content can consist of various media. Text, images, spreadsheets and videos can be uploaded and stored directly in the cloud via software, or content can be stored as a link. You can use various functions to create clear links between elements that build on each other. In addition, a wiki allows you to present knowledge in a hierarchical way.
Other features that make a corporate wiki stand out are
  • A well-designed, easy-to-understand interface,
  • the ability to assign access and editing rights
  • Communication features,
  • the ability to link with other relevant programmes, and
  • advanced security mechanisms to protect data from misuse.

The most positive aspects of a corporate wiki

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of corporate wikis. Let us now take a closer look at the most compelling factors. It should be said that although it takes a lot of effort to set up a corporate wiki, the intensive process pays off very quickly due to the following factors.
1. Time saving through cleanliness and availability

Thanks to the hierarchical structure of information and a search function, all stored knowledge is easy to find. You save a lot of time searching for know-how because the knowledge pool is always at your fingertips. Experienced professionals who are training newcomers have more free time because they can refer directly to existing information.
The onboarding of new employees is much more efficient with a corporate wiki, as is the training of established professionals. They are provided with additional content in a targeted manner. Thanks to wiki software, it is also possible to expand the company's knowledge quickly and easily by sharing interesting sources with others.
It is also worth mentioning that the knowledge in the wiki is retained when someone leaves the company.
2. Transparency through real-time updates

New information or updates are immediately made available to the staff by the system. The single source of truth principle ensures that all versions of data are kept up to date, while changes remain traceable for everyone. Responsibilities, presence and absence, holidays and key contacts can be viewed by authorised staff at any time.
This makes it clear who is responsible for which processes or projects at all times:
  • Who is in charge? 
  • Who is involved and how? 
  • Who is available for various concerns? 
  • Who is the substitute for the management during a holiday? 
Thanks to a corporate wiki, there is no need to hog other people's time. If the issues are cross-departmental, it also saves time spent writing emails and instant messages.
This means that a corporate wiki also has a positive effect on the company's overall resource planning, as you always have a holistic view of the available manpower and resources.
3. Collaboration through communication

A wiki thrives on everyone's contributions. All employees, from interns to managers, can publish knowledge, news and important announcements via a corporate wiki. All employees are encouraged to help shape the company and share value-added content with colleagues. The result is an open corporate culture and a stronger team spirit.
In addition, wiki software usually includes other features that allow you to start discussions and conduct surveys. Employees can use the platform to provide feedback and anonymous opinions. For management, a wiki offers a great overview of the knowledge available internally, as well as the potential to challenge and subsequently improve employee satisfaction. A wiki can also help with employee retention.
4. Data security through cloud storage and encryption

A corporate wiki is usually accessed via software or a web application. All data is stored in the cloud - the wiki software provider uses encryption to ensure data security.
Sensitive data that should not be accessible to the entire staff can be additionally provided with access rights and passwords. You can also define who has read-only access and who can change which data. Data loss can also be prevented by using the cloud.


Although implementing a corporate wiki initially costs time and money and requires a certain amount of training, in the long run a company will benefit greatly from it. With a wiki, you can make relevant knowledge available to authorised people at any time, structure data in the way that suits you best and ensure an open corporate culture. In addition, you can ensure the necessary data security in the context of rapidly advancing digitalisation.

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Author: Florian Reingräber is the managing director of Scolution GmbH & Co. KG and advises companies on digital transformation as an Atlassian consultant. Florian shares his detailed knowledge and experience from numerous customer projects around Atlassian products on his own company blog and on Scolution's YouTube channel.
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