Help us to make the IAPM even more successful by way of professional networking as an “Official“

Help us to make the IAPM even more successful by way of professional networking as an “Official“ 02.07.2015 - Are project management quality improvement and project manager certifications important to you? Do you believe in promoting project management research, development and application? In short: do you want to help us to take the International Association of Project Managers (IAPM) forward? And do you enjoy networking?

As an IAPM Official you would play an important role in ensuring the dynamic growth of our global project management association’s network. In addition to our social media activities (Xing[1], Twitter[2], Flipboard[3] &[4], Facebook[5]) you’d share know-how and experience with our certificate holders and people who are interested in project management at “IAPM Network Meetings“, get to know the members of the project management community better and expand your contact base.
The Network Meetings feature presentations on topics that are relevant for modern project managers and on new developments in project management. They also sometimes include guided tours of interesting companies and their projects. You can be as creative as you like. One Network Meeting included a visit to the construction site of the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, and another one in Berlin was held on the topic of “The Complex Conversion of the Berlin-Ostkreuz Station.”

The objectives are to raise awareness for the IAPM, to extend the IAPM network by hosting interesting and informative events and to offer genuine added value to the project management community. All this is linked to your name with the strong IAPM brand as your partner. It provides you with a genuine reputation boost.

As Official you would provide a valuable information and dialogue platform for project managers in various projects, organise your events independently and secure top-level guest speakers to make interesting presentations on project-related topics. What’s more, you’d also profit from our attractive commission model for Officials because commissions are paid for certification candidate referrals (including people with certificates from other organisations who want to have them recognised[6]). And you’d also have the opportunity to evolve as a person and further your career.
As one of the IAPM Officials you’d be the contact for people in your region [7] with an interest in the IAPM. We initially arrange a ‘mentor’ who provides assistance and advice during the initial weeks of being an Official. The Senior Official for the Metropolitan Area performs this mentoring role when new Officials are appointed in his or her region.
Several times a year our IAPM Officials also have the opportunity to vote at telephone conferences and to propose ideas and suggestions. If these are likely to offer useful support to project managers, we ensure that they are put into practice.
There is also a section for IAPM Officials on the IAPM’s website, where all the relevant documents for networking can be found. The Officials receive their own IAPM e-mail address and business cards.
Are you interested? Then contact[8] us and let us know which region you would like to operate in. We’re looking forward to working with you!

P.S.: Over the next few weeks we will be adding to the content of our LinkedIn platform.

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