The eteoBoard for project managers – key progress towards transparency in projects

The eteoBoard for project managers – key progress towards transparency in projects 11.12.2014 - Generally, in scrum-based software development projects, all the tasks in a sprint are stuck on a post-it wall so that the team can see which tasks are not done, in progress or done. This works well if the project team members all work at the same location and have access to the post-it wall so that they can see the status updates. When team members work at different locations or even in different countries, however, which often happens in agile projects, each team needs its own post-it wall and has to keep it synchronised with the other post-it walls by liaising with the team members at other locations. That’s where the eteoBoard comes in.

It is a digital scrum board that can be linked to existing task management systems as a data source. The eteoBoard permits the immediate bi-directional synchronisation of all team sites so that no status updates are missed. It guarantees permanent information sharing between all team members, experts and specialists, plus transparent, auditable sprints. The eteoBoard is operated like a modern smartphone by multi-touch control. It can be used in scrum and kanban projects and for agile software development or agile project and product management. The eteoBoard and the “one team one office” concept create a realistic virtual project office for distributed project teams, encouraging spontaneous direct communication via a permanent video link. The eteoBoard helps teams to work more effectively, even if their members are working at locations scattered around the globe, which is often the case in our global project management age. Conflicts and problems can be directly resolved without time losses or misunderstandings. And the project team’s customer also benefits because he can track project progress at any time, whichever team is currently working on a sprint, making it far easier to remain in control of the project. The eteoBoard has also proven to reduce team travel expenses by up to 80 percent, which means major budget savings.
The eteoBoard comes with a server and a TMS plug-in (an add-on for the task management system). Several eteoBoards can be connected to one server without a problem.

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