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The White Paper Resource Management

The IAPM's Resource Management Baseline

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What is the "White Paper Resource Project Management"?

In cooperation with the software producer CanDo, we have developed the "White Paper Resource Management". This is not a certification basis for IAPM certification, but was developed as an independent guide to provide an overview of resource management and support in practice.

All people who work in the field of resource management, or would like to deal with this project management discipline, receive information in this White Paper on optimal personnel deployment, the strategic benefits of efficient resource management and an introduction to skill management.

In addition to a short introduction, the White Paper is divided into 3 parts.

In the area of "Operational benefits: Optimal staff deployment: "Who takes responsibility" is treated, how to identify suitable project participants, assign them to project participants, deploy them as efficiently as possible and continuously control and monitor them. At the end of each section you will receive a short summary of the chapters, which also leads you to the next topic.

The second part, "Strategic Benefits of Efficient Resource Management", shows how to achieve an optimal mix of projects and identify the right projects for this. It also describes how resource management can be used not only for current projects but also for projects that are still in the idea stage or are already in the planning stage. How to include project probabilities in the portfolio view and how to monitor the portfolio via monitoring is also discussed.

The third part focuses on skills management. Capacity planning undergoing change, changes in the organisation and possible competitive advantages through the use of skills management are shown.

The White Paper Resource Management is currently being published in German and English.

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