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Here you will find all news, information and blog articles about project management

All articles published between 2013 and January 2020 can be found in our blog archive. All new articles from February 2020 onwards can now be found here on this page as teaser previews. The latest articles are displayed at the top of the page.

Blog: Can a project manager be too motivated?

An unmotivated project manager is obviously not good for a project. He has difficulty motivating others and he will have difficulty completing all tasks on time. Motivation is therefore essential for the job of a project manager. But how much motivation is necessary? A lot helps a lot? Unfortunately not in this case. Even an excess of motivation can be problematic. So how do you deal with overmotivation and what can you do to find a healthy level?

Blog: IAPM title abbreviation and certificate badges

In order to give you the opportunity to make customers, partners, colleagues or employees aware of your certifications, we have developed a small icon, a badge, for each level of certification, which we offer in three different formats. This way, you can integrate the badges in a promotionally effective way, for example on your website or in your e-mail signature.
In addition, we now offer short forms of our certification titles.

Blog: Using project controlling correctly in project management

Project controlling is an important tool in project management. Expertly and properly executed, it ensures that the project goes according to plan.
 Projects - whether small and simple or large and complex - are not self-running. They must be competently planned, professionally organised and skilfully implemented. In order to ensure that each project phase reaches its goal, project management relies on regular project controlling.

Blog: The Human Management Revolution

On corporate-rebels.com an article is about the human management revolution and what "management gurus" like Charles Handy, Henry Mintzberg, Tom Peters and Gary Hamel have been preaching for years: people first! In the following we summarize the article for you.
Today we see the first signs of a global human management revolution. Some progressive organizations have already put out their feelers and brought new ideas in this area to the world. 

Blog: Digitalisation changes the management culture

In Manager Magazin, business economist and physician Andreas Föller reflects on digitalization and how it influences our management culture. He finds that digitization is virtually forcing a new management culture. All employees, but also the employers, have to change - in thinking as well as in acting. Föller points out that most people are reluctant to embrace change. Often a change on a political, societal or social level is presented in the media as downright frightening. Think for example of the smoking ban in restaurants. 

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