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IAPM Network Meetings

The IAPM Network Meetings are an important platform for dialogue and know-how sharing between IAPM certificate holders. The IAPM established the Network Meetings in 2013 and they takes place in major metropolitan regions around the world. The Network Meetings promote dialogue and experience sharing between certificate holders. Their strong regional orientation also helps participants to build networks and stay in contact with each other. The Network Meetings are an excellent framework for interesting presentations on current project management issues and for guided tours of production facilities.

IAPM Network Meetings - Afterthought

Here you can find a review of our network meetings with texts of the organizers and pictures or presentations for download.

IAPM Article

Our blog announces the latest project management trends, publishes interviews with experts, recommends books that help project managers to be successful in their work and keeps you up to date on all the IAPM's news. It also includes regular information about upcoming events and our awards.
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The IPMMs (International Project Manager Meetings) are held once a year at venues around the world. We invite all our certificate holders to attend the IPMMs. You’ll be informed well in advance of the date and venue of the next IPMM. With expert presentations plus discussions, group debates on problems and cross-sector dialogue, the annual IPMMs are one of the IAPM’s valuable institutions.

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