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Personnel marketing in project management

Personnel marketing in project management 06.12.2018 - Even if many companies have not yet sufficiently internalized it: In the future it will be as important for employers as employees to present themselves attractively. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers companies often compete for qualified employees. Headhunters face times when their work is more in demand than ever. For well-trained professionals, this means they can choose their future employer. Of course, this does not apply to all occupational groups, but experienced project managers are in great demand. Companies that want to employ good project managers must prepare themselves for fiercer competition. This development is already in full swing.
Keyword talent acquisition
Talent acquisition is not only the filling of open positions. This includes recruiting suitable employees and the entire process necessary to make a company attractive for employees. It is not only when a position becomes vacant that something must happen - the company must generally be regarded as an attractive employer. Business consultants recommend companies to always have possible candidates on hand in order to be able to recruit them if necessary. Personnel marketing plays a special role in this context.
The strategic process of talent acquisition
According to a study conducted by LinkedIn in 2017, 83% of all study participants now see the recruitment and retention of professionals is one of the highest priorities. At present, talent acquisition is not only about filling vacancies, but also about retaining good and valuable workers. In this context, employer branding is becoming the focus of personnel marketing. The aim is to draw the attention of potential applicants to the company.
Companies use storytelling and new modern methods for their recruiting. Through targeted employer branding, all interesting candidates should become aware of the company, not just those who are currently looking for a job. Also specialists who already work for a company and those who have a completely different profile. Having a well-filled candidate file is of enormous importance for companies today, because you never know when you will urgently need the next employee.
Long-term talent search offers competitive advantages
The market for skilled workers is highly competitive. Project managers are sought after in many industries with a wide range of focal points. Recruiters, for example, have to look at rejection letters differently. It is no longer enough to simply ignore an application and then assume that the applicant will already notice that he is not invited. In order to build up the company image in the long term and to inspire suitable specialists for the company, rejections have to be "humane". The task is to give applicants the feeling that, despite a current rejection, they could be interesting for the company in the future. In the end, even after a rejection, the applicant should remember the company and the application process positively and want to apply again at any time. This is a challenge for personnel management. Of course, candidates have to give their consent in order to be accepted into the talent pool of a company. Recruiters have to ask specific questions and present the company as a desirable employer - this is the only way to fill the talent pool with outstanding specialists in the future. In some cases, this requires a very forward-looking approach. An assessment of what kind of applicants will be required in the future is made more difficult by the high pace of our working world.
Digital personnel marketing
The goal of many top companies is to recruit top talent. Therefore, they must always be in contact with the best specialists. Every job advertisement must be perfectly placed for the respective target group. In addition to the appropriate presentation of the vacancy and the company itself, employer branding and the selection of the right marketing channels play a decisive role.
In the long run, personnel managers must have a strategy, because the simple online placing of advertisements is no longer up to date. Data must be collected and the ideal candidate search strategy defined. Recruitment requires a mix of different recruitment tools. This depends strongly on the target group (age and education). Recruitment thus becomes a field that should also be placed in the company as a project. Every single search for a suitable applicant is important, often jobs for highly qualified people are vacant for years. Job advertisements of other companies and own previous recruiting processes should be analysed and evaluated.
The applicant campaigns should be targeted and the target group should be defined precisely, just as one would do when launching a product. A campaign that is targeted at people looking for a job is designed differently than one that is aimed at professionals who are not actively looking for a job. E-mail marketing, social media, print media, job exchanges and Google Ads are options that are often chosen and combined according to the target group.
By the finely tuned use of different instruments quality can be influenced in addition, the quantity of applicants. Against this background, successful and well-trained project managers may soon no longer have to actively apply, but will be found by a recruiter. There are many possibilities and a rejection, which is formulated benevolently and respectfully, can mean a professional opportunity for the future. So: Always keep your eyes and ears open!

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