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Improving B2B Business by Agile Project Management

Improving B2B Business by Agile Project Management 05.10.2017 - Many project managers probably avoid agile project management because of lack of self-assurance. In fact, agile project management and traditional project management are not that different: The elementary parts are the same. Both types need to be well planned and organized before the project starts and during the project it must be monitored.

Besides the basic similarities agile PM offers some advantages over traditional PM, like perceiving a project as a steadily changing venture. With this point of view projects can be adapted while going. Especially when projects are managed for other companies, which would like to have the possibility of modifying their wishes.

The four following reasons plead for using agile PM to improve the B2B business.

Adapted End Results

Project managers cannot influence everything, but those things they can control, they should do. Agile project managers can influence more than traditional ones. They split one project in different steps which can be changed during the process. Because of these steps, needs can be satisfied more accurate and a project can be finished more successfully.

Increasing Pace

Because of planning every stage on its own, the team members know exactly what to do, to finish each stage as planned. Furthermore, the team is able to have its own opinion concerning the project and its steps. This is a reason, why employees will work more productive and faster.

Latest Trends can be Followed

During a traditional project, it is hard to implement reforms in technology, marketing etc. without disorganizing the plan. In contrast to that, agile PM enables project managers to adapt those fast-moving areas. This advantage is important especially for companies working with new innovations.

Frequent Feedback
After each step, there is the possibility to give feedback, either as a stakeholder to the project manager and team or the other way round. Depending on this feedback, the following stage can be adapted to improve this one and enhance the project in general. Furthermore, the communication between the team members can be strengthened because of the possibility to provide feedback as a team.

If you struggle with topics like time, feedback and especially with changing demands during a project you should think about using agile project management instead of traditional.

This article is summarized from following source: www.praguepost.com/business/how-agile-management-can-improve-your-b2b-business

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