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IAPM Network Meeting
PMO Global Awards Experience, the largest online conference on PMOs in the world happens every year where hundreds of professionals and organisations are brought together from the most diverse countries to recognize their exemplary work in the field of project management and project management offices (PMOs).
This event will take place from October, 26 to November, 16.
Virtual, India
IAPM Network Meeting
On November 22, 2020 the first network meeting will take place in India. The four Senior Officials of the metropolitan regions of New Delhi & Calicut, Jaipur, Pune and Noida have teamed up to jointly organise the virtual network meeting on the topic of "Hybrid Project Management".
Mahesh EV, Vikram Jain, Ankur Joshi, Gaurav Dhooper are looking forward to welcome you to this event. The hybrid project management approach combines planning strategies from the traditional or sequential project management environment with the agile mindset allowing flexible approach. It makes use of predictive and adaptive approaches to deliver the best outcomes without compromising the governance and existing best practices.
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