About the International Project Manager Meetings

The IAPM likes to encourage experience sharing and communication between its certificate holders. This is the reason why it established the International Project Manager Meetings (IPMMs). Every year since 2001 the IPMMs have provided an international platform for in-depth and pro-active dialogue between project management professionals. Renowned guest speakers kick-off the event with keynote presentations on diverse subjects as the basis for further discussion. The IAPM has structured the IPMMs on an Open Space basis to offer participants plenty of opportunities to put forward their own ideas and topics. Under the guidance of experienced moderators, the meetings are a platform for the discussion of problems and the elaboration of possible solutions.
The IAPM uses the productive input and ideas that are generated by the IPMMs to continue evolving as an association and certification body.
For example, the IAPM’s online certification process is a product of extensive input and feedback from international project managers at the IPMMs. Many project management practitioners believe that other certification bodies‘ time and cost-intensive assessments are no longer contemporary.

People who have attended the IPMMs are very pleased with the results of these events and believe that they deliver a great deal of added value, particularly through dialogue between project managers in many different sectors of industry. The topics addressed at the IPMMs help participants to expand their horizons, and dialogue offers them the opportunity to communicate valuable tips and ideas.

The IPMMs are non-public events that are only open to IAPM certificate holders.

The IPMM 2016 will be held in Athens, Greece on 01/10/2016.


IAPM International Project Manager Meeting
Afterthought in German language
IAPM International Project Manager Meeting
Bad news is good news - sad but true. You can see evidence of it everywhere - on TV, on the internet and in the print media. And it also applies to the project industry. Just think about what’s been said in the news about German projects such as the Berlin Airport, Stuttgart Central Station or the Hamburg Opera House. It all gives the impression that projects swallow up mountains of money and are regularly run aground. Who pays the price? Tax payers, operagoers, train users and air travellers.
IAPM International Project Manager Meeting
IAPM Senior Official Hans Stromeyer and the Chairman of the Council of Experts Dr. Roland Ottmann invited you to join a network meeting in Houston, Texas, on October 27, 2013.
IAPM International Project Manager Meeting
The IAPM held its 13th IPMM in Nuremberg on 24 November 2012. It was attended by project managers from all over Germany and generated some very positive feedback!

The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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