Follow-up on the free introductory training - Scrum on July 31, 2021

Topic: Why SCRUM isn’t limited to software development

Since the beginning of the 2000 and the Agile Manifesto, Scrum and other frameworks have continuously gained traction. Many companies, managers and projects are seeking to be more agile. When talking to them and asking, why, the reasons are often the desire, to be faster, more adaptive to customer demands and to be more efficient. That is why agility isn’t exclusive for software development any more.
At first, Scrum’s rapid worldwide adoption grew mainly in the IT industry. Now, it affects the whole range of project management. Agility means understanding the agile mindset and the ability to react to changing environmental conditions, varying customer demands and other influences of our crazy “VUCA” world. Learn, what VUCA means, and why you would be well advised to have a better understanding of the agile revolution!

On Saturday 31 July, 2021, the first free introductory training of the IAPM took place. It dealt with the topic of Scrum and why this framework is not only limited to software development. We received numerous registrations. Dr. Hans Stromeyer was pleased to welcome the participants virtually, who were in the mood for a one-hour project management session on a Saturday. The participants were enthusiastic about the combination of presentation and live development of topics.

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