Follow-up on the Network Meeting in Munich (Germany) on 30 April 2015

IAPM Se­ni­or Of­fi­ci­al Martin Ritz and IAPM Officials Gary Woodrow, Savvas Eleftheriadis and Matthias Mertsch hosted the Munich region’s IAPM Network Meeting on 30 April 2015. 

Dr Hans Stromeyer, President of the IAPM, welcomed participants to the meeting at the premises of Sapient Nitro, provider of the venue and technical equipment, and said a few words about the evening’s presentation.

Then Andreas Hock (3P-worx GmbH) gave an expert presentation on Business Intelligence (BI).

The integrated and sustainable use of BI in project management is crucial to project success, and has become a firmly established trend in recent years. Andreas explained the special aspects of BI projects from different perspectives in his presentation. He covered process models and concepts in BI projects, put them in the context of the special aspects of a BI environment, and talked about tools and methods for the practical planning, control and organisation of BI projects.

It was a very interactive presentation, with Andreas encouraging members of the audience to ask questions, make suggestions and share experiences, and it led to a lively discussion in the auditorium.

The second part of the network meeting was dedicated to networking over delicious snacks and a glass or two of beer (or water), and everyone took advantage of the opportunity to chat to each other and swap information.
Thanks very much to Yinglisolar for sponsoring the snacks and drinks!

The IAPM introduced the network meetings as people-focused forums where project managers and people interested in project management can share knowledge and experience. We are delighted that they are going from strength to strength and that our IAPM network is still growing.

Dr Berta C-Schreckeneder also attended the network meeting. She will be speaker at the next meeting on 23 July 2015, also at the Sapient-Nitro venue, on the interesting subject of “Management is about building relationships”.
We look forward to seeing you again - or for the first time - soon!

Kind regards,
The IAPM Officials for the Metropolitan Area of Munich


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