Follow-up to the Network Meeting in Graz on 10 September 2015

Senior Official for the Central Region Vienna (Austria) Günter Markowitz hosted a very special event on 10 September.

This Network Meeting involved a guided tour of the products and technology at the Bauer Distillery in Graz city centre.

Gert Podrepsek proved to be an excellent guide. We very much enjoyed seeing the historic walls and hearing his explanations of the various production technologies. The distillery was filled with the aroma of the Williams pear; a multi-sensory experience that appealed to everyone.

One of the evening's highlights was a visit to the filling line for one of the Bauer's finest and most famous products - Jägermeister. Everyone was given the chance to sniff all the herbs that go into the production of Jägermeister in their aroma boxes.

At the end of the guided tour the project managers' taste buds were put into use when they had the opportunity to sample several different schnapps, guided by the professional tasters, an informal tasting session. When Günter Markowitz had reported all the latest IAPM news, the participants finished up the evening with open sandwiches and networking.

The photos (see below) show scenes during the guided tour and tasting session - where our project managers took a very professional approach to the job at hand.

All members of the group found the distillery experience to be extremely interesting and memorable, and they're all looking forward to the next meeting.

Thanks again to our tour guide Gert!


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