Network Meeting in Zurich (Switzerland) on 8 May 2014

IAPM Zurich Network hosted an IAPM Network Meeting on Thursday 8 May 2014 in Zurich. The theme of the IAPM Network Meeting was "Lost in Translation - Project Manager in Asia", with a presentation by Harald Steinmüller, Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM).

Harald Steinmüller started out working on European projects in 1998, moving a few years later into the international realm, predominantly in South-East Asia. Since 2010, when he set up as freelance consultant, he has been passing on his international project management experience to clients. In a combination of diary entries, anecdotes and experience reports, Harald Steinmüller thoroughly entertained his listeners, who were reduced to laughter on several occasions, and the guests very much enjoyed the presentation. In his interesting and humorous accounts, Harald Steinmüller painted a vivid picture of how he survived Asia and his project experiences there.

Everyone had the opportunity to chat about the content of the presentation during the networking session afterwards. They were also able to talk to project managers who were members of different associations.

Extensive positive feedback indicates that the evening was a resounding success and enjoyed by all participants. The next Network Meeting is already being planned and we’re looking forward to seeing you again!


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