Hosted by Senior Official W. Feldt and Official I. Petermann
The manager of the Berlin-Ost­kreuz project, Cer­ti­fied Se­ni­or Pro­ject Ma­na­ger (IAPM) Mario Wand, kicked off the event by showing a short video about the development of this complex conversion project in the construction site’s information container.
It included examples of everyday planning and construction activities which effectively illustrated just how challenging this kind of a project is.
Participants also discovered the complexities associated with implementing a rail construction project with on-going regular train services.
The methods developed and applied by the project team to keep the many stakeholders, some of them with conflicting interests, up to date on construction work progress at regular round table meetings, including the local residents affected by the project, were particularly interesting.
The project management methods and tools used in this project have made a crucial contribution to its objective and productive implementation.
Participants enjoyed the opportunity to chat about the project to Mario Wand, whose expertise made a professional and informative discussion possible.
Mario Wand is an excellent example of a certified project manager whose training in project management has enabled him to execute this project professionally and competently.
Everyone at the event gave him a spontaneous round of applause when the IAPM’s Se­ni­or Of­fi­ci­al for Ber­lin, W. Feldt, handed him the Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certificate that he had applied for.
Snacks were served afterwards and everyone had the opportunity to discuss project management issues and network. Some participants will be collaborating more closely on future projects as a result.
It was a very successful event that has raised the IAPM’s profile in the Berlin region.


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