Network Meeting in Hamburg (Germany) on 10 February 2014

The IAPM‘s Senior Official Udo Schmidt hosted the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg’s first IAPM Network Meeting of the year on 10 February 2014. It was attended by IAPM certificate holders and their guests. The event was held on the premises of Deutscher Autodienst GmbH (dad) in Ahrensburg. After the initial drinks reception, the Network Meeting kicked off with a brief explanation of the IAPM and its current project management activities in the Hamburg region.
The main item on the evening’s agenda was a presentation by dad’s Head of Project Management, Florian Giday, about his department’s work. He focused on the following main aspects:

  • The dad-specific approach to project management as compared with conventional project management and
  •  the subject of "The simultaneous implementation of many small and some large-scale projects! How we do this at dad."

Participant questions prompted some lively discussions. The main topics were possible consequences of dad’s modified approach to project management, the reasons why it had moved away from traditional project management, how dad coordinates and prioritises its projects and what experience had been gained in the process.
It was obvious by what participants said and the questions they asked that they were applying the concepts presented by Florian Giday to their own project management situations. One of the remarkable things that participants took away with them was an awareness that project management is adaptable to specific situations. However, not unless a systematic and controlled approach is taken.

The conversations continued afterwards at the get-together, where snacks and drinks provided by dad were served. Some of the participants had questions about project management certificates and certificate recognition, while others were keen to hear more about project management at dad. There was plenty of business card swapping.


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