The Blockchain technology simply explained

The Blockchain technology simply explained 28.02.2019 - The term blockchain has become more and more common in the working world of project managers in recent years. But what exactly is it all about? Many online articles explain the term, but often every third word is a foreign word, which in turn has to be explained in another article. So we try to find a simple explanation: what is the blockchain? The blockchain is actually a database that records actions between two partners and displays all changes transparently. It is a decentralized database, i.e. a database that is located on many different servers and cannot be found in your own company or anywhere on a particular server. With blockchain there is no owner of the database. Nobody has power of disposal or power over this data. All users have the same rights and possibilities to access it. Read more »

Lean Management

Lean Management 18.02.2019 - The term Lean Management has been around for about 30 years now and the topic is still of great economic importance. What began as a streamlining process in production at the beginning of the 1990s has now become a global concept and a general management principle. „Lean“ is exactly the goal of lean management: The value chain should become leaner, function more efficiently and be freed from all unnecessary procedures and aspects. This should not only lead to more efficient production, but also to a reduction of costs and time savings. In lean management, waste is the big issue that everything revolves around. Processes should run sensibly and smoothly - regardless of whether it is a manufacturing process in the conventional sense or the management of a long-term project. Lean management is common in many companies and can also be combined with many modern trends in project management. Read more »

IT in Project Management - People versus Technology

IT in Project Management - People versus Technology 30.01.2019 - If information technologies are to be used in project management, it is ultimately always a question of weighing up which tasks are to be performed by people and which by algorithms or software. Man and technology appear like competitors, but their "use" serves the same goal, namely the success of the respective project. It is therefore important to find the best possible cooperation and an interplay of forces and strengths. George Sarpong gave some thought to this topic in the online mag Computerworld, which we summarize here. For George Sarpong, it is clear that software can make project management much easier. In his article, however, he would like to point out that the most important success factor remains the human being and that even the best technology is not promising if it is not used by expert personnel. Read more »

Project management in start-ups

Project management in start-ups 24.01.2019 - There is no such thing as "project management", there is project management in a wide variety of forms and manifestations. Even if the techniques and methods are similar by and large, certain approaches differ depending on the environment in which projects are managed. In a start-up company, project management is a very special challenge because there is usually a lack of resources to employ specially trained, experienced project managers. Nevertheless, deadlines have to be met, budgets are very tight and the quality has to be right, otherwise the start-up has no chance of a future. Especially the first projects of a start-up are usually very exciting - and also full of suspense. Read more »

The importance of maturity in the digital world

The importance of maturity in the digital world 14.01.2019 - On the website RP Online, Lothar Schröder has dealt with the topic of maturity in a digital world in the column "God and the World". Many people are enthusiastic about using new technologies. Digitalization not only opens up new horizons for the economy, but also changes everything in our private lives. Suddenly it's possible to talk to your grandmother on the other side of the world on Skype and show her on the screen how happy you were to receive her birthday present. Because not only the boys, also many older ones are often inspired by the new technologies and possibilities. Nevertheless, there is a certain scepticism about digitalisation among both young people and the older generation. Read more »

Review of the year 2018

Review of the year 2018 21.12.2018 - The year 2018 is almost over and we are pleased that we can finish this year - thanks to you - so successfully. We achieved our strategic goals for 2018 earlier than planned. 110 nations were scheduled for the end of the year - we could reach them in July. Also, our planned 3,333 project managers certified according to IAPM standards were reached in November. Since this year, our standards have been officially recognised by the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and IAPM-certified project managers can now also manage federal projects. Read more »

Automation and Industry 4.0

Automation and Industry 4.0 14.12.2018 - On the Scope online platform, Hans Thalbauer comments on the topic of automation, gives his views on industry 4.0 and shares how he sees the ERP legacy today and in the future. After 18 years working for SAP, Hans Thalbauer is very familiar with these topics. Today, as Senior Vice President, he is responsible for everything to do with the Internet of Things and the digital supply chain. What's special: He recognizes current movements and trends from the perspective of a manufacturer and user at the same time. Read more »

Personnel marketing in project management

Personnel marketing in project management 06.12.2018 - Even if many companies have not yet sufficiently internalized it: In the future it will be as important for employers as employees to present themselves attractively. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers companies often compete for qualified employees. Headhunters face times when their work is more in demand than ever. For well-trained professionals, this means they can choose their future employer. Of course, this does not apply to all occupational groups, but experienced project managers are in great demand. Companies that want to employ good project managers must prepare themselves for fiercer competition. This development is already in full swing. Read more »

Security issues and increasing networking

Security issues and increasing networking 29.11.2018 - Stephan von Gündell-Krohne is DACH Sales Director at ForeScout Technologies and is responsible for ensuring that technical integration and networking do not disrupt operational processes. Security in the context of new IT concepts plays a decisive role for him. On the online portal he explains why security is so important and why it still falls by the wayside in many places. He has some ideas on how to overcome the fact that security does not become a brake on innovation. In the following articles we summarize his thoughts. Stephan von Gündell-Krohne works according to the principle that networked devices must not interfere with operational processes. Read more »

IAPM certifies United Nations employees

IAPM certifies United Nations employees 19.11.2018 - Almost all states of the world are joined together in the United Nations (UN). As a global organisation, this intergovernmental association is a subject of international law. Upon accession, the UN member states undertake to act in accordance with the UN Charter. World peace and international security must be maintained and better, amicable relations between states developed. In addition, international cooperation is to be established to jointly solve global problems and promote human rights. Read more »

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