Everything about fees and special conditions

Information about fees

The certification/ examination fee depends on your nationality. This ensures that project managers of all nations can afford our certifications.

Please select your nationality to view the fee that applies to you. You also receive this fee information when you send us your registration.
Please note: We use commas as decimal separators instead of dots.
Further information can be found here.

How to pay an invoice

To settle an IAPM invoice easily, safely and quickly, you can transfer the money by bank transfer or use the services of PayPal or Wise, for example.
Important for every payment: Please make sure to state your invoice number. This is the only way we can clearly allocate payments. The invoice number is noted on your invoice and is a combination of the date the invoice was issued and your 12-digit IAPMIC, e.g. 
Nice to know: If you make more than one payment, you can do this in one transfer. Simply indicate all invoice numbers that will be paid or contact our support so that we can allocate the transfer.
If you have any questions regarding a payment, please do not hesitate to contact us
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For pupils, students and active employees of charities, IAPM offers a 20% discount!

This is how you get the discount:

  1. Send an e-mail to support@iapm-cert.net with clear proof of your status (e.g. student ID, enrolment certificate, certificate from a government agency, certificate of employment, etc.) in digital form, e.g. a scan of the document. Please make sure that both your name and the validity of the document are clearly identifiable. This must be done before registration.
  2. We will check your request and afterwards you will receive the information whether the discount will be granted to you. If the answer is positive, you will also receive your personal discount code, which you enter during registration.
  3. Within 90 days you can register with this code and take your test.
Please note: The discount can neither be granted on the Certified Project Management Trainer (IAPM), Certified Junior Project Manager (IAPM) or Certified Junior Agile Project Manager (IAPM) certifications and the respective pretest, nor on certificate recognitions and certificate upgrades!

The IAPM certification

The certification can be taken via a reputable online examination procedure. The costs are based on the gross domestic product of your country of origin.

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Become a Network Official

Do you want to get involved in project management in your environment and contribute to the further development of project management? Then become active as an IAPM Network Official or as a Network Official of the IAPM Network University. 

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