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IAPM Essentials August 11, 2020

12 Gründe für das Unglücklich sein
In German language only: Stephan List gives you a list of twelve reasons why people can be unhappy. However, he will not leave you alone with this information, but will also give you tips on what you can do to counteract the unhappiness.
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Agile IT-Vertragsgestaltung und Scrum
In German language only: Legal aspects must not be neglected in project management - neither in traditional nor in agile projects. Tobias Tretzmüller explains what you need to pay attention to when drafting contracts in Scrum.
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Agile Missverständnisse: Die Rolle des PMO im Agilen
In German language only: How exactly does the PMO, which is known from traditional project management, differ from that in agile project management? Björn Schotte explains it to you.
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In this article Harold Jarche gives you a deep insight into the Cynefin framework and he shares his experiences with you.
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Das SCARF-Modell: Wie du mit Erkenntnissen aus der Neurowissenschaft produktive Teams formst
In German language only: SCARF ist ein Akronym und setzt sich aus den englischen Wörtern der fünf Faktoren Status, Sicherheit, Autonomie, Zusammengehörigkeit und Fairness zusammengesetzt. Erfahren Sie in diesem Artikel, wie sich diese fünf Faktoren auf uns und unsere (Projekt-)Leben auswirken und wie man das Modell anwendet.
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Die agile Plattform für mehr Nachhaltigkeit
In German language only: Jens Dose presents a project of the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle für Verpackungsregister, which was implemented in an excellent way. It is particularly remarkable that this project was managed in an agile manner.
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IKIGAI – a formula for successful agile team leadership
Ikigai is Japanese and means " the meaning of life". However, Ikigai is not only desirable in relation to our lives, but also in the context of agile teams.
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Is the Distinction Between Outcomes and Output Overdone?
Do you know the difference between outcomes and output? In this article you will learn how to distinguish between these two terms.
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Kennst du das Ralph-Stacy-Modell?
In German language only: If at the beginning of a project you are not sure whether the project should be organised in an agile or traditional way, the Ralph Stacey model can help you. Maria Steinberg will explain what is behind it.
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Let’s talk about change fatigue
Changes are always associated with a certain amount of effort. If you have found yourself tired of change in times of upheaval, this article is perfect for you.
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Scrum’s Nature: It Is a Tool; It Is Not About Love or Hate
In this article Stefan Wolpers clarifies that Scrum is only a tool and not a thing that can be loved or hated - because you don't have such feelings towards a hammer. In this article he takes up a contribution from another author and argues against it.
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The #NoEstimates movement is a pointless infatuation
Everyone is talking about the NoEstimates movement and Maarten Dalmijn has also been involved in it. In his article he writes about the background of this movement and describes his views and experiences with it.
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Warum Projekte scheitern: Die Risikofaktoren
In German language only: Henryk Lüderitz gives you an overview of the reasons why projects can fail. He lists three basic problems in the different phases of a project and gives you tips on how to avoid such risks.
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