9 essential project management podcasts to follow now

The huge success of the podcast is largely down to its facility to make no time wasted time: previously ‘empty’ chunks of the day can now be used to cram in useful information, entertainment or eye-opening views of the world we may not have encountered before.  And all of this accessible while walking to work, cleaning the bathroom, or working out.

There’s a plethora of project management podcasts out there, and we’ve brought together the best of them here for you.
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1. Projectified

The Project Management Institute runs this podcast, which releases two episodes a month. Featuring a host of best-in-their-field professionals, the episodes cover an eclectic mix of topics, from AI to climate change to office design, and are a great way to stay up to date with how contemporary events and trends are influencing the Project Management field. 

2. Manage This

Run by project managers Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, this podcast goes out once a month.  Recent episodes have included details of a project that involved turning a train station into an aquarium, and how leaders can handle crises in order to manage their teams with compassion and confidence, steering staff safely through such periods.

3. People And Projects

This podcast goes out once a week and offers invaluable industry insider tips! Episodes feature interviews with a changing roster of guests. People and Projects is consistently engaging and innovative, with a huge range of relevant topics covered in the episodes, which regularly offer practical steps that project managers can take to improve leadership or to resolve a problem or conflict in their team.

4. Project Management Happy Hour

This frank, fun and fresh podcast, hosted by Kim Essendrop and Kate Anderson, details real life problems that can occur in project management, from issues around hiring staff to dealing with difficult customers, and discuss viable solutions to triumph over these adversities. The podcast is accredited, with each episode a stand-alone ‘lesson,’ and listeners can assess their knowledge by taking the accompanying quizzes and tests.

5. The Biker PM

Host Anthony Pavolich guides listeners through issues unique to the small business in this friendly and informative podcast. Recent episodes have covered data management, and creating accessible travel solutions.

6. Five Minutes Project Management Podcast

Ricardo Varagas hosts a bite-sized podcast to get you up to date on current issues in super quick time. Accessible, and with lots of practical advice and tips, each episode rounds up industry news and covers topics such as project fulfilment and closure, and supporting roles in the project management team – and all this in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee!

7. The Lazy Project Manager

This podcast goes out once a month, and is the brainchild of Peter Taylor, who hosts with entertaining and insightful advice on how to run a project and manage a team efficiently and effectively through all the stages of development. With consistently practical content and how-to tips, this is a must-listen for project managers at all stages of their career.

8. Project Management Insights

With nearly 200 episodes available to download online, each running at about ten minutes long, listen in as Karen Cherrett hosts a podcast that covers everything from time management, to boosting team morale to working with sponsors. This podcast takes an in depth look at on-the-ground situations that a project manager may come up against, and the best way to handle each of them.

9. Project Chatter

Hosts Dale and Val provide a lively look at a variety of topics, with episodes released on a weekly basis. Guests join the hosts for each instalment, offering expert advice in their field.  This popular and well-respected podcast was originally set up during the covid pandemic to provide support for those in the project management industry, and it continues to provide an irreverent and relevant resource for professionals.

Podcasts For Professional Development

With their diverse, high quality content, these podcasts are an invaluable way to keep your knowledge updated, and to stay aware of newly emerging trends and even, where a course is accredited, to gain a professional qualification. The variety of information and advice on offer, from general to niche, is vast, and these podcasts are a great tool for project managers to grow their skills and immerse themselves in the professional community.
Lauren Groff is a content writer at Essay Roo and Lia Help, regularly reviewing project management podcasts. Lauren also works as an editor at Big Assignments. Lauren is passionate about business writing, and writes extensively on project management.

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