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Stefan Mülstegen is IAPM Project Manager of the Year 2015

The IAPM In¬ter¬na¬tio¬nal As¬so¬cia¬ti¬on of Pro¬ject Ma¬na¬gers is delighted to present Stefan Mülstegen, who at the time of the selection process was Senior Project Manager Contract Logistics at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics GmbH & Co. KG in Osnabrück and is currently working for the Volkswagen Group, with the IAPM Pro¬ject Ma¬na¬ger of the Year Award.
The IAPM selects its Project Manager of the Year on the basis of a comparison of the best Certified Senior Project Manager profiles over the last twelve months. It has chosen Stefan Mülstegen for several reasons. Firstly, he gained a distinction in the comprehensive examination for Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification. He also received an extremely high score compared with all other certificate holders for his experience as project manager. The decision about who to present the award to is based, firstly, on the criteria of project management knowledge and experience. Stefan possesses both, which is why he has such extensive project management competence. 

Stefan Mülstegen has headed numerous projects with various levels of complexity, budgets and team sizes over the past six years. For example, he was involved in a greenfield to turnkey project to develop an entire logistics company. During the nine-month project he was responsible for process management, customer liaison and IT. Even at the age of 26 he was Logistics Manager at a sanitary, heating and air-conditioning wholesale company, where he optimised warehouse management systems as project controller in a logistics project. He also communicates his knowledge to students of the Logistics Management University, where he has been lecturing since 2014. 

However, the IAPM also considers the third criterion of the project manager’s personal conduct in a project environment in addition to experience and competence.
Stefan’s superiors have confirmed that he has  very good - they actually said “very, very good”- communicative skills and is an excellent team player. Working in a team is one of the reasons why he enjoys his job so much and is so enthusiastic about it. He believes that the project manager plays the very important role of motivator and is aware how significant the support of the team and a positive work environment is to the successful outcome of a project. In crisis situations he acts as a shield for his team and accepts responsibility for his team’s actions. Stefan Mülstegen has personally experienced what an important role the soft skills that the IAPM attaches so much importance to play in customer and staff relationships. In fact, he believes them to be essential to any project manager. He was also described to the IAPM as “very likeable”, “open” and “completely loyal to his employer”.

For all of the above reasons, the IAPM has decided that Stefan Mülstegen has all the qualities of an ideal project manager and that he should receive the IAPM International Association of Project Managers’ Project Manager of the Year Award.

We hope that many other project managers will follow his example, that he will continue to enjoy project management and be successful in all of his projects.

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