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Jörg Völler of KS Aluminium-Technologie GmbH is Project Manager of the Year 2012

The IAPM chose Jörg Völler for several reasons.

Firstly, he gained a distinction in the comprehensive written examination for Certified Senior Project Manager (IAPM) certification. He actually achieved the highest score of all certification candidates in the assessment of his project management experience. The decision about who to present the award to is based on his or her knowledge about project management and the extent of project management experience. Jörg demonstrated excellent competence in both areas. However, the IAPM also considers the third criterion of the project manager’s personal conduct in a project environment.

At Kolbenschmidt, Jörg has worked as project manager in various projects, including the Audi V6 and Audi V8 projects. According to his project superiors and colleagues, he behaves in an exemplary way towards customers and the executive management, his expert management-level colleagues and his project team members in his role as project manager.

Jörg’s personal traits that people particularly appreciate are his down-to-earth nature, his communication skills and his approach to project management.

In short, he ensures that the people in the project environment enjoy working with him. As a result of his personal interpretation of the project manager’s job, he is able to identify strongly with the project that he is assigned to, which results in the success of the project for all involved. Whether his team has five or twenty members, he professionally manages the project, caters to the customer’s needs and requirements to its satisfaction and ensures that the project delivers the agreed result.

He generally manages complex development projects, i.e. he is responsible for the implementation of projects with deliverables such as cast parts for vehicle cylinder housings. This involves the development of prototypes to the series manufacture stage, as well as adherence to deadlines and budgets. This is all the more remarkable due to the fact that most of the projects he manages are several years in duration and have substantial budgets.

For all of the above reasons, the IAPM decided that Jörg Völler unites all the qualities of an ideal project manager and decided to award him the title of Project Manager of the Year.

We hope that many other project managers will follow his example.

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